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A Women in modelism ? Yes, and Boss !

Since a long time now, I want to address aspects of model building and specific enough Wargame. Also in this desire to get to the heart of this universe by speaking of people who do live, what that entrained in, their dedicated space, their event to come together to share ...
Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Julie Ludmann, head of a French company that produces vehicles in resin kits 1/72. Enterprising and passionate, I suggest you to discover this woman totally immersed in the field of model with this small talks conducted by very friendly emails.

Julie, you are responsible for a French SME: Model Miniature. I may be wrong, but this is uncommon? In this hobby I mean.
Indeed it does not seem very common. But as in all areas of society that tends to evolve I think.

Yes, for example, you know women as passionate as you are in the world of modeling / model building / wargame?
I Do not personally know modellers but only virtually, I have no names to mention, but thanks to the internet and social networks in particular, we can talk more easily with both Australian girls modelers as German who paint figures.

Besides, how did you get into the world of model making?
Since my studies in history and art, I have always had a tendency toward history than to the art itself. And when one day I came across pictures of blue military vehicles (ALS) I have not won since studying everything that was related to the military history and equipment in particular. I also keep these first steps into the world militairo / maquettiste a small site

What you like me in this hobby, we can say, very masculine in general?
Given the number of women in the military more and more numerous, and given that in some countries like Israel to take the most striking example women are fully active throughout the military, it is a vision my very masculine sense to consider this hobby directly related to the story or the army as very masculine:-)
Regarding am happy it is mainly the work side himself on the study of a vehicle, his touch, realize and study its history. This is what I find most stimulating.

Yes excuses me, it is not my account, but it is a quantity finding in favor of the male. So you really kiss the realization of the model from A to Z. There is a step you prefer more rather than another?
What I prefer for my part is the design of the vehicle. The phase of research and work on the model itself is really stimulating. The molding stage was also interesting at first, but now we've lost this side fun and wonder to see what a master is going to give out the first draw. Lost because of productivity that leaves no room for lost time. Today we must produce more than fun at this level.

Model Miniature, you can say more about it anyway? 
It's been 4 years since I created the brand, initially focusing exclusively on the Middle East gear, I added more a French range modern (chauvinism on the one hand) and also bearing has a demand and a lack of quality material that has scale on these thèmes.De my first Nun Nun Israeli there 4 years molded by external, j 'now have my own workshop design and production with my employees, I shipped an average of 400 packages per month in 40 countries around the world, I have established an agreement between the army and MM, I 'have more than 200 references to my catalog and my flick-R alone claimed more than 2.4 million visitors last year.

It is true that the French material is not treated despite its enormous variety and operational commitments. In view of these figures (pretty good for small compagny in this sector?) Is how many employees this? When you buy a model you open the box and you build this, but not imagine every hand that went by. With the chance to have a human-sized company, it is questionable with pleasure to know "Who does what?" .
It's pretty random in fact, the workshop there are 3 people, it depends on the design of the products. The VAB eg required 4 people just for the design of this model has added two "extra" in the person of two graphic designers I pay the works performed, freelancers somehow. Beside that there Annexes for the range of all vehicles assembled and painted "Ready Kit".I could open another workshop where 2 more people work there but irregularly. We are still far from the big factory so, lol.

Live fully its recreation, it is very fulfilling. This is your case? Is what it was complicated?
Yes, today I live quite well what was and is my hobby. But at a price: the past 4 years I have not taken a vacation, I do not know what it is a weekend or bank holiday one day, and that's all night lying to 3 Hours morning. But it's still a passion and above all it is not so complicated.

For people wishing to start or who want to work in that environment, what do you suggest? And for you, what are your requirements to your employees as responsible?
The first advice is: do not listen to petty, donors lessons, jealous ..... remember that advisers are not the payers. You have to focus on one thing: customers. If they are satisfied that's all that matters, it is they who feed the compagny.
Requirements, I have only one: that the assigned job done properly.

What are the models who inspire me both as individuals, businesses, models. Clearly, your inspirations.
Then, ..... good question ... knows no case similar to mine I admit to not having identification to someone else actually. In historical reference I particularly appreciate the Achaemenid Persian empire that also I thoroughly studied both the university and personally.

This passion for military vehicles also results in a fine collection of pictures on Flickr. Photo hobby mingled together in model making, or photo was already a hobby you mastered before?
In fact the hobby picture came together almost like obligation and for two reasons:
- I have long worked on models from photographs of the net or fractionated paper media, poor quality, often random. When I started to work on the French model I actually had the opportunity to finally work on "concrete" and over the years this has resulted in an agreement between the army and some regiments and MM . I also now have the rank of Lieutenant and in this I must also to represent the French Army by beautiful images and reports on the units I shot with my team.
- The second reason is a commercial necessity. In fact today there are few quality reporting on military gear. I took recently, for example AMX-10 under snow during shooting trainings in Baumholder. Several customers have me, following to this, sent pictures of their achievements of my AMX-10 on their snowy diorama. When selling a model kit of a tank, it's still better than the builder have a visual reference that gives staging ideas.

And agreements with the Army had to be the result very beneficial for this! Anyway thank you for these photos, I personally loved the subject on the OPFOR, it gives ideas camouflage that out of the ordinary for our dioramas!

Thank you, the OPFOR is indeed a subject I hope I have not finished processing. I particularly like that kind of lesser-known units such CENTAC, the Genie and especially RMAT units, especially the 8th I work with a lot comes from a well covered weapon yet essential to the army and very interesting especially for us modelers because they do with a 1/1 scale what we do in scale. For example, in July 14, 2014 we have several topics on the rehabilitation of equipment for the Parisian show. The paint booth at the meeting showed the sanding phase cache on windows, spray paint, ...... in short all the maquettiste phases were there. See here These units do a really great job, but very poorly known.

To return to the models, what are you glues now?
I'm right on one of my VAB T20 / 13 on-shielded I'm doing in Afghanistan with an original camo and snow chains to the wheels. Paint soon I hope.

I can not wait to see it! Exclusive information to be transmitted on the upcoming release of french vehicle? Go, once excluded ask a schedule of events in 2015 where we can find a Model Miniature stand?
Since I had the misfortune to give information on the release of some of my models too long in advance and this has given bad ideas has competitors who are eager to do the same thing: I avoid to provide information on future productions.
Question Expo planning: Unfortunately I produce everything I sell. We work very tense continuously flows, and often even after the announcement of a kit released earlier this month, the production that we could do in advance is gone.
This is a great thing for me but if I did not have anything to sell, I do not expo. Only the Scale-Model-Challenge in Holland allows me once a year to have a live stand (albeit often from a stock of current customer orders that I ask whether they may have to wait a week longer to receive their kits), but even I never bring something quite big stock.
I also tell myself that the day MM no longer work as it will always be time to go this time canvassing the clients during expo. That, or if I can last significantly increase the production of my kits and have advance to finally have something to sell online.

Well, we sincerely hope you to continue and why not find a way to produce more for us to come and admire your kits in shows:)

Julie thank you for the time you shared with me (us) to show us your vision of our passion!

Updated article from French before. Now, Julie released some interested stuff. I will make a link to the news, Julie will be angry against me because she will have more work to respond to you futures orders ! LOL

The AMX 30 B2 !

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