mercredi 22 octobre 2014

Etablis/Workbenchs. The place.

The first article in english only ! I will do my best. Désolé les gars, mais je pense que vous êtes assez fort en anglais pour lire mon anglais mi-bosniaque mi-indien.

I have seen a few pictures of workbench on facebook, and in each case i really appreciate to ! Some give me idea, other make me jealous, and all amaze me. You read this article and you want send me yours ? No problem, i wait for it (mail or facebook), and i will update in the v2 !

No more words, let's look ! I have personnally contacted all the owners, thank you again to share with us you place, your intimity, your place of autism :)

Strange picture but cool ambience for Graziano Ghetti. I don't find a finish model of this sympathic man. Mate, you read me, you have one to show ? lol. Anyway, controled mess and lot of arrangement for this place. Well !

Leonid Postny, polish modeller. Simple, effective. I think this guy likes cars, and he's right ! See this on his Facebook page.

I don't introduce him. Because I'have already present him in my translation of his painting guide. Ok, it's just to avoid him to think I'm in love with him, Ahah ! But he said about it :

"Organization is a really important feature of our work station. 
Of course, you can also find an order in the chaos"

Ok, you recognize him. It's Heresy Brush ! :D

Spanish touch strike again, his "humble workbench" in his words. Miguel Jimenez. Do I really need to present him and add a link again for the AMMO-MIG products ? ahahah.

I think he know Heresy Brush :)

Lucky. Lucky. Who here can say I have a big room dedicated to my hobby ? Again, he will stay humble I guess, but Jose Ortega can say "Me". Two pictures for this occasion, i'm just jealous. So what ? lol.

I don't know if Steve Dunn had a entire room dedicated to his hobby, but anyway have you seen this epic diorama ?  No? YOU HAVE TO look few pictures on his Facebook page. Right now !

Panzer March is a modeller and wargamer, FOW it's true ? Hope i can play with him one day, because his armies looks greats and especially because he seems to be a very friendly person. Notice the music station. Good idea sir !

And finally, mine. The only thing i'm proud is the two space i have on the table :
1) on the top to the current project.
2) under, to the project next.

So i can vary the pleasures. Plastic. Plastic. Yes. Only ;)

There are few person i have contacted for this article. They don't send me theirs yet or they can't take pictures of their workplaces for now. I don't forget you ! I will update this article when i get yours, i give you my word :)

Other, want to share yours ? As i said in the begining, send me pictures and comments. It will be a pleasure to publish others visions of arrangement, or not :D

I hope this fully useless article enjoyed you. Me ? I was. My old english teacher ? She will kill me !

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  1. Funny to see how other people organize their work benches :D

  2. I'm ever Fan of this Workbench "review" ….
    J'ai toujours été très curieux, de voir, de rentrer dans ' '' L'intimité" du plan de travail des Modellers !!! Encore plus, lorsqu'il s'agit de "Furieux" que l'on adore !! Oh, mais j'ai vu que l'on pouvait poster quelque Fotos,de notre Cuisine, "Hell's Modelling Kitchen"" !!!!