dimanche 7 décembre 2014

Etablis/Workbenchs. The place (Version II)

Hey, a second article only in english. Remember, I said i will update this one with other pictures (in this first article). It's time to do that, because i really think about adjust mine.

But unfortunately, I will not comment as in the other article. Apologizes.

First, i pick this on a forum. A wargame forum, with Blitzkrieg as a rule. Cpl Von Jackson is a wargamer but also a painter. Good meeting between two worlds !

Exactly the same for Sunihamble, a friend from my wargame club (les nerviens).

Very smooth ambiance from Tony Grant station !

Messy, but very fonctionnal for John. Watch a film on the center, look at inspiration on the left !

Very well organized for Michael Walsh. I like the wood !

Peter Knight have lot of kits to build, but also a good light to work.

My french friend, Samir, doesn't have a dedicated space to his hobby. On the table or on the desk, his models are still very good.

A futurist wargamer, Roddy Jamieson ? Even in the dark area of the universe, there is a light. Or two :)

Like we saw in the first article, in chaos, there is always organisation or creativity. Look this tank ! Thank's Randal Miller, i've found an excuse when my desk is like that !

This is the end. Soon, an article about how we get into this consuming hobby. Thank you to all contributors !

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